Music is life, thats why our hearts have beats”

Do you want your productions to sound super clean, high quality and professional? 
Do you need help with your creations so you don´t run in to the same problems all over again?
Or did you just started producing and you simply cant find the trees in forest;)? 

I can help you out! 

I´m Sarita Gomes and i am a music producer and singer songwriter, based on the Canary Islands 
I have been working with Logic Pro X for over 12 years, from which for the past 5 years fulltime. 

In our one to one session: 

  • I can to walk you through all the amazing features of Logic Pro X 

  • We´ll dive in to your projects and I´ll give you feedback on your work 

  • I´ll teach you how to improve your sound 

  • I can show you mixing and (basic) mastering techniques 

  • Wether you're a beginner or a more experienced producer, I´ll get your burning questions answered. Besides our sessions, you can also contact me trough Whatsapp whenever you have any questions about your projects. (Only included in the bundles)

  • I´ll send you my Perreo Sample pack, plus 50 FREE high quality (royalty free) samples of your choice (2 categories, exp.: 25 kicks and 25 snares) and a FREE Logic Pro X Template.

This time is all about helping you reaching your goals!

(Check out what you can learn: Highlights Lessons)

Why choose private lessons instead of online free videos?  

  • Time: Grow your skills rapidly. It can take years to learn the ins and outs from Logic and music production from free online demonstration videos. Let´s say that you run into a problem, or need to know how to create a specific sound for example, it´s very likely that you´ll loose allot of time searching for the right videos, and you´ll probably watch too many who don´nt give you the information you were looking for. You can save a whole lot of time and learn faster if you get straight to the point to where the weaknesses of your productions are.
  • DISTRACTION! Youtube is an amazing platform, BUT, its HIGHLY addictive and effects your productivity 
  • No Structure: You randomly learn bits and pieces. There’s no structure or direction. 
  • Motivation: Your success or failure relies solely on your initiative and hard work to achieve results. You don’t have a mentor to motivate and push you. 


(Included in all bundles: The option to whatsapp me anytime whenever you have questions during your projects!)