Highlights Lessons

1.   Know the basic features of Logic Pro X 

  • How to open a project & create tracks 
  • Basic features, Libraries & Presets 
  • Audio and Midi channel strip 
  • Customized pointer panel 
  • Settings, Audio interface, buffer size, input, output ect. 

2.  Start making music 

  • BPM 
  • MIDI & AUDIO Regions 
  • Project arrangement (create a template for a faster workflow) 
  • Basic plugins 
  • Virtual instruments (VSTS) 
  • Bounce to MP3 or WAVE 

3.   Create and customize sounds 

  • Live Loops & Step Sequencer 
  • Drum designer 
  • Sound design 
  • Working with audio samples 

4.   Deeper into basic mixing 

  • Create busses (sends) 
  • Plugin arrangement 
  • Logics stock plugins + functions 
  • How to use plugins on different instruments/sounds 

5.   Make place for all your layers 

  • Sound modulation 
  • Layering instruments 
  • Place Instruments in the stereo field (making space) 
  • Basic vocal mixing techniques 
  • More advanced editing and mixing 
  • Side chain compression

6.   Audio Processing & Quick Sampler 

  • Automation 
  • Level your mix 
  • Mixing techniques 
  • Paralel compression 
  • Clean up your mix 

7.   Vocal processing 

  • Autotune, pitch correction and pitch shifter 
  • Flex Time & Flex Pitch 
  • Vocal modulation 
  • Vocal Synths 

8.   Extra tips 

  • How to get close to your favourite tracks 
  • Fix CPU problems 
  • Tips to improve your work flow to produce faster 

9.   Mastering 

  • Basic mastering techniques

These steps are just a guideline for producers who want to be guided trough their learning process.The arrangement of the steps can differ per person. The lessons are based on your knowledge and wishes, and therefor free for you to decide wether you want to follow these steps, or learn your way.